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7 Secrets to Help Sell Your KC House Quickly

we buy houses KC

It’s never an easy task to sell your KC house.

Each step of the process is a nerve-wracking, frustrating affair.

Combined into one, it’s one of the most emotionally-draining things you can go through.

However, the tips below may help you both sell your Kansas house faster and for more money.


1. Getting the perfect price

Pricing a house is extremely hard, especially for first-time buyers who are awash with sentiment about the house they’ve lived in for a huge chunk of their lives. You need to find out what your house is worth, objectively, and you need to avoid adding any sentimental value to it. Think we buy houses KC and what it would be worth to them.

You can do this by looking for houses similar to yours in your area or by going through auction records. Looking at the local newspaper such as the Kansas City Star would also be helpful.

Another pricing strategy you can use is to reduce the price of your house by up to a quarter. Buyers will see the lower price and stampede to see your house. If you’re lucky, you may even spark a bidding war.

However, a lot of sellers avoid doing this since they see it as a risk.


2. Show them space

Storage is one of the key selling points of any house. Create as much storage space as you can without going too far.

Add kitchen cabinets, a closet under the stairs, etc. Buyers can never get enough of storage.

Finally, remove everything from your closets, take half away, and neatly rearrange the remaining half. Also, don’t forget to clean all your storage spaces. Nobody’s going to be impressed with your extra closet if you’ve got a huge spider living inside.


3. Brighten your KC house up

Light may actually even be more important than space when it comes to buying a house, so ensure that there’s enough of it in yours.

Open all the curtains, clean the windows, get brighter bulbs, and cut shrubbery that may be disallowing light from reaching your house. Don’t go overboard; you’re going for bright and warm, not harsh and glaring.


4. Don’t show off your pets

Lots of sellers try to charm buyers with their pets. This does work sometimes, but it’s a risk that you’d rather not take.

A lot of people will be turned off a house simply because they’re a cat person and your house is filled with dog hair. And if any buyer enters your house and gets an asthma attack because they’re allergic to dog hair, you’ll be in huge trouble.

If you’re planning to show your house, send your pets to a trusted friend or relative and scrub your house until no trace of them remains.


5. Go for quick fixes

When selling a house, small repairs pay off more often than mammoth makeovers.

Don’t try adding a new wing to your house right before you sell it – you’ll probably be unable to recoup that money. You’d rather spend the money upgrading your house until it looks new.

Repaint your walls and doors. Replace leaky taps and ensure that all your doors’ hinges are oiled. Hire professional cleaners to clean your house. These small touches will not go unnoticed by buyers. Even if your buyers won’t notice the difference consciously, it will subconsciously improve their perception of your house’s worth.

Even if your Kansas City buyers won’t notice the difference consciously, it will subconsciously improve their perception of your house’s worth.


6. Depersonalize

This is the most important and common advice that is given to anyone who tries to sell a house.

Before you agree to sell it, commit to selling it. Once you commit, that place ceases to become your home and turns into just another house.

You cannot sell a house if your mind is clouded with any emotional attachment to it.

Step back and try to imagine the sale as simply a business transaction, nothing more and nothing less.


If you still cannot do this, there are still ways you can sell your house. You could hire a real estate agent to buffer you against the hardest part of the sale. Kansas City (KC) estate agents make it much easier to sell and also know a lot of the pitfalls to avoid when selling a house.


Selling a house may be a hard process, but following the tips above will give you an edge against a huge number of your competitors. Of course, if you feel that you do not want to go through the entire process of selling a house, just call Archway Properties. Just look for our advertisements saying we buy houses KC and you’ll be able to sell your house quickly and without any hassle.


Tips for Selling a House During Winter

Winter House Sale

Selling a house is never an easy task, but it becomes even harder during the cold months of winter.

If you’re wondering “how can I sell my house fast during winter?” – you do have a challenge ahead of you.

While winter is traditionally considered a bad time to sell houses, sometimes job and lifestyle changes make it necessary to sell during that period. However, selling in winter can actually be more advantageous since competition is reduced during this period.


Consider the advice below:

1. Clear pathways

Winter and snow go hand in hand. When you’ve listed your house, a real estate agent may ask for a showing at any time. Keep driveways and walkways clear at all times.

A snowed up pathway creates a bad impression in the buyer’s mind & will not help if you are looking to sell your house fast.


2. Decorate for winter

Unfortunately, you can’t show off your exquisitely manicured flowerbeds and lush green lawn in winter.

You’ll have to find other ways to increase your house’s curb appeal.

Try hanging a wreath on the front door.

Light up your house strategically to draw attention to its best features. Brighten up the house when darkness sets in.

Use some potted plants to add color.


3. Clean up

Even though you won’t have loads of competition in winter, you’ll still have to keep your house ready to be shown at a moment’s notice. De-clutter thoroughly and store your extra stuff elsewhere.

Keep floors and walls sparkling clean.

If a buyer has come to see your house in winter, he’ll probably be absolutely serious about buying. If you don’t show the same seriousness, the buyer may simply walk away, unimpressed.


4. Offer incentives

This technique is not specific to winter and will help you sell a house any time of the year.

Offer some incentive to convince buyers to look at your house closer.

Show buyers a list of repairs you’ve made. Get a home inspection done before the sale. Contribute towards the closing costs.

Offer the buyer a limited-time home warranty. Maybe offer if they allow you to sell my house fast, that you could even give the buyer a gift card of a home improvement shop.


5. Pricing

Don’t try to hike your prices just because you think that there’s less competition. Remember, demand is as low as supply during winter months. List your house at a fair price for the best results.

Overpricing your house will only lead to it stagnating in the market until it becomes stale.

Pricing your house a bit lower, on the other hand, will attract a huge amount of attention. You may even find a bidding war on your hands, and a bidding war is a seller’s best friend.


Even if you follow all the tips above, you’ll still be unable to sell my house fast if you don’t follow the basic rules of selling houses.

Always keep your house completely clean. Replace dated fixtures in your house. Repair any damage. Depersonalize.

If you want to drastically reduce the effort you’ll put into selling the house, you may be better off using a house buying company.

These companies usually operate throughout the year and can be useful if you want to offload a house quickly without much effort.


10 Tips for Preparing your House to Make a Killing…

houses for sale

Do You Want To Make A Killing On Your House?

Prepping or “staging” your home in anticipation of a selling has a huge affect on the final price home sellers will receive.

Homeowners who hope to get top dollar for their home can increase their chances for success by applying the most economical adjustments that increase the visual value of the home considerably.

Before inviting any possible buyers over, be sure to read over the following helpful tips that are sure to send your potential buyers scrambling for their checkbooks — you may even decide to keep this newly remodeled wonder for yourself!


1. Paint

Now improvement promises more return on the dollar than a fresh coat of paint. Even if you have a nice color tone to your home, old scuff marks, fingerprints and such add a bad vibe to the home that fresh coat can dispel.

Even an economical acrylic paint done right, and with a fashionable hue, will greatly increase your home’s appeal.


2. Fix the lighting and Fixtures.

Dated light fixtures need to be moved out before the buyers get here. How can you tell the dated from the “vintage”? Vintage is over 75 years old, “Dated” probably over ten years and wears its age noticeably.

Remember that “retro” is not a look that people are usually interested in buying into. Don’t go overboard on this project though a few simple but attractive pieces from Canadian Tire or IKEA will do nicely.


3. De-clutter the Junk

Move out all of your personal effects, like the mismatched armchair, souvenir display and snow-globe collection.

Only keep in your closets what you might be wearing this season and filled no more than half-way. This will make the home look more spacious.


4. Address the Bathrooms

A attractive bathroom can considerably increase the value of the home, but your still want to accomplish the best for less. Instead of actually installing a new tub, make the old bathroom new again by replacing tarnished mirrors and cracked tiles.

A steam-cleaning company can make the grout and tub gleam like new. Once again a splash of paint in the right spot is solid gold.


Are You Selling Your Home?

5. Drapes and Curtains

The windows must be clear, clean and in pristine conditions as do the window treatments they feature.

If you have have draperies that are pushing their function-able life a bit too far, get rid of them. Better no curtains than an unattractive set.

If you still have privacy, concerns consider purchasing a standard curtain set at a linen retailer.

Less is more and this will maximize the dimensions of the home. Be sure to keep the curtains tied back when people are viewing the home.


6. Put up Mirrors

Mirrors make any room seem twice as large, they even drastically improve the Feng-shui which could be a subliminal support.

Make a secluded boxy dining room appear more accessible with a large leaning floor mirror. An entrance way with a picture mirror is always inviting as well.


7. Spruce Up the Entrance and Porch

Curb appeal will be hugely important, so try to approach from the outside and look for anything that could throw a buyer off.

Dead plants should be removed replaced, a new door knocker or the right style bell or shiny lock set will also make a world of difference. These are available in many economical varieties of materials and styles and they influence that important first impression.


8. The Porch Light

The porch light must also be updated and it would be ideal if it matched the motifs of the other new porch equipment you have set up.

Just be sure to economize it wouldn’t do any good to spend a fortune on this improvement, it only has to look good.


9 . Meticulously Manicure the Front Lawn

In accordance with the law of “First Impressions”, keeping the front lawn in good conditions is directly related to the curb appeal it will have.

At the very least gather the leaves, sweep the walkways and pull the weeds from the flower beds. Also remove any dead or dying plants, these tend to give a “mausoleum” effect to the property.

Planting some attractive perennials or annuals, keeping the lawn freshly mowed and if applicable the snow freshly shoveled adds that “pride of ownership” factor that is very important to convey to any possible buyers.


10. Arduously Address the Backyard

The backyard often gets a fair amount of wear and tear from the occupants or the elements.

Be sure your fix any fallen fence boards, re paint the fences, check the deck for signs of needed maintenance.

Just like the front yard, you will want to invest sometime and cash in making this area inviting and beautiful. Plant some flowers or add some attractive gravel to flower beds, if the kids toys are scattered across the garden, pack them up and put them in the attic.

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